Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II 1.3.3

Incredible graphics and amazing gameplay


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Polished gameplay
  • Lots of enemy variety


  • Still linear

Is this a pay to win game?

Infinity Blade II


Infinity Blade II 1.3.3

— User reviews — about Infinity Blade II

  • christopher.park

    by christopher.park

    "It is optomized for iOS 5"

    I reviewed the game on the iPad 2 with iOS 5. It does seem the game was optimized for the latest OS. But battery life ... More.

    reviewed on December 3, 2011

  • dobre2

    by dobre2

    "it lags graphics on ipad 2 with ios 4.3"

    as i say, in the title, the game has poor graphics on ios 4.3, for example no shadows for caracters and no rays of lighs... More.

    reviewed on December 3, 2011